Monday, July 27, 2009

a new york state of mind

now is the time. the moment you have all been waiting for..the new york pictures are ready to be seen!

while looking at the album, dont forget to look at the captions that took so much of my time. you can see them by clicking that little word bubble button at the botttom of the slideshow.



Monday, July 20, 2009

some things i love

  • the uniform project. the same dress is worn by the same lady in new york everyday for a year. accessories are used to spruce it up and exude her creativity. its done for a good cause and proceeds go to the akanksha foundation which is "revolutionizing education in india." this is the outfit worn on june 26 aka my birthday/the day after mj's AND farrah fawcett's death . you can go learn more and see all the outfits here.

  • roommates being in town :) and dinner with funny conversations.
  • new, wonderful finds on etsy like so. and i am totally in love with these..

  • dreaming about summer vaca in nola.
  • the san marcos sky tonight. every shade of pink, orange, yellow, and black were visible. but it never rained :(
  • my new starbucks order (thanks in a large part to shelby). venti iced coffee. 1/2 a sweet-n-low. skim milk. AND sugar free hazelnut. its delicious. :)
  • bright colors and cool posters...

  • twitter.
  • the anticipation of baby urban.
  • my recent discovery of d-listed.
  • going to bed early!

i hope your day was lovely!

XO. lauren

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

peculiar encounters

  • one of my professors at cvs. i love seeing teachers outside of school. its like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.*
  • a lady that turned to me and said, "excuse me, were you in oklahoma two years ago?" the only thing i responded with was, "no." it didnt seem odd until i thought about it afterward.
  • this may seem like a figment of my imagination, but i SWEAR that i saw a hasidic jew moseying through sewell park. this image took me directly back to a particular carriage ride straight through the crowd of people attending the israeli music festival in central park.
  • dancing todd (a san marcos celebrity) may have been replaced by a younger dude with much swifter moves. or maybe todd just has the day off? either way, i feel uneasy.
  • one of the best visitors ive had in a long time!

happy weekend,

*name that movie

my throat has been feeling super funny all day. not like a sore throat, more like there is just oil dripping back there. ..maybe i should have described it as a disgusting/greasy feeling instead of a funny one?
anyway, i was in need of some sort of drink besides water, and preferably with caffeine, my cure all. of course, our fridge contains of the college-girl basics: water, beer, old sangria, and even older orange juice. just as i was about to give up on quenching my thirst/oil drip, i saw a maroon bottle of dr.pepper hidden waaay in the back. im not a big fan of dr.pepper (unless its with amaretto) or non-diet drinks, but i was clearly desperate and it was that or the oj. i opened the bottle and sipped on my dp.
the whole time i was drinking it, i was wondering whose it was; my roommates dont normally buy sodas in bottles (except for jill who is on a big blue kick and you can only get those from select places, usually at the checkout!). another thing that perplexed me was that every drink i took, it seemed like i tasted alcohol. so naturally i just thought i was so used to dp and amaretto that it all just started to taste spiked...right? thats logical. well it wasnt the case. as i took my last sip i remembered where indeed the mysterious bottle of dr.pepper had come from. RIVER TRIPS! -when people dont want beer, they pack sodas mixed with rum to take down the river instead. im pretty sure that i just consumed an extra drink from some river trip that had already been "adjusted."
in conclusion: my throat still feels funny/disgusting/greasy and now im starting to feel funny too. haha. and our drink selection is back to the basics.

oh what a night.

living the dream,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

guys and dolls,

if you had the best body in the world for just a 24 hours, how would you spend that day?

here are some images of goodies to oogle while the possibilites of perfection flood your imigation..

sweet dreams.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

its so on

hi dolls.
i was flipping through the channels yesterday hoping to find a re-run of real world cancun. i havent watched real world religiously since they were in austin. that was my first year in college and my first year with cable. im pretty sure i watched EVERY show religiously that year. anyway, all of my hall mates would gather in our room on, i believe it was a monday (after laguna beach?), to watch the drama unfold. so this year, a girl i went to high school with is on the show. translation: addicted yet again.
well i didnt find 8 strangers partying in mexico, with every horrible decision caught on tape forever, but what i did was find was so much more than that. i found alexa chung.
after seeing the show only twice, i fell in love. and for the following reasons:
  1. shes from london. which means im absolutely obsessed with her accent, she uses words like "rubbish" casually, and she emphasizes syllables differently than we do here in the states.
  2. she is a model. which means she has wicked style, is insanely skinny/tall, when she crosses her legs, they are so skinny/lengthy that the wrap around each other like vines on a tree.
  3. her set design is uh-maze-zing. i looove it. its all urban and earthy and totally chic.
  4. her show is not bad either. i mean shes new, so her guests arnt exactly a-list but she makes things fun and asks off the wall questions. alexa also incorporates a lot of youtube/facebook/twitter into the show..still not sure how i feel about that.

i like alexa chung. im pretty sure you would all like her too.

just thought you should know.
XO. lauren

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

even numbers

the day before my 22 birthday, i got a fortune in my fortune cookie that read, "the coming year will bring you much happiness."
i think this is a sign from buddah seeing as i consider my "year" to begin with my new age. im excited about 22. everyone has told me it aint so great but i am bound and determined to make it the best year yet.

okay ill be honest.. i havent always had this mindset. at midnight, lauren started singing me happy birthday and i started to cry. and not because it was a sweet gesture (although it was haha) but because i wasnt ready for it. i was surrounded by fresh faced, green behind their ears, 21 years olds who still had their whole life ahead of them and there i sat, greying at age 22 and drowning in my sorrows.

the next morning, shelby called to wish me a happy birthday. i told her i was skeptical about my new if i had a choice to turn back time or something? time is relentless. anyway, she asked if it was because i didnt have the "excuses" of a 21 year old anymore. thats when rick chimed in with a scruffy, "im sure shell think of one." and honestly, i hope rick is right. not that i find an "excuse" per se, but that i dont loose the burning desires to live life to the fullest like those perky 21 year olds do. there is just something about that number.

so now, i am trying to embrace my age. afterall, this is the youngest i will ever be. i really am looking forward to this year. maybe i just have a funny feeling because its an even number? the reality is, lifes what you make it and im going to make mine just spectacular.

--that all should have been written by a 56 year old. not someone at the ripe old age of 22. haha.--

oh and good news! we got wireless internet back. :)
we were mooching of our neighbors, but they decided to move out and we decided we needed to get our own wireless internet if we were gunna survive. so after four hours (almost literally) of trying to decide on a good name, we came up with possibly the lamest of all. and we even googled it! our competition wasnt all that steep (names like "den is thowed" and "apt 931" surround us) but we still felt the pressure of naming our very first wifi (if its even called that?). NERUAL. its lauren spelled backwards. i know, clever!

sweet dreams,