Wednesday, March 11, 2009

claim to fame

sophomore year, cameron, shannon, and i spent our time getting our priories straight. jamming to orson. laying out at sewell park. living and eating at the outpost. bahama bucks. mooching at carnivals. drinking like it was going out of style. parking our car at jhhones. buying baby cats as friendship pets. oh, and stalking people with eating disorders on myspace.

well, one of my friends with an "ed" is alli. i dont know her from adam, but it turns out shes pretty weird and, cool fact- shes from spring, texas. she loves drawing, painting, nose bleeds, baby cats, and freaky-deaky photography. anyway, we are close. i added her as a friend so that shannon, cameron, and i could look at her pictures. not stalker-ish at all..

with that being said, i got an email from mr. r today. (since cameron no longer blogs, i will fill yall in on his life. he is now a permanent sub with a real work email address. i have never been prouder! some of the kids refer to him as "mr. r" and ask why he is so tall. he lives a very lovely, yet busy, life in needville, tx. we all wish he would take some time to blog more often but, we also realize that mr. r has tooo many emails to check. after all, he is a permanent sub living in needville, tx with a real work email address. i miss him living in san marcos, tx. but being such a good friend, i understand that he needs to live and work as a permanent sub in needville, tx.) he informed me that our little friend is now on cycle 12 of americas next top model!! i did the research, watched last weeks episode, and yes-sir-re, thats alli! big, blue eyed, eating disordered, allison on antm. and shes my friend! and its not even like shes a myspace legend like jefferee starr or tila tequila. were just normal myspace friends that share a love for nose bleeds. allison won the first photo shoot competition and lauren, jill, and i rooted her on the whole way. although, tyra did say that "shes the type of girl she gets emails about. but that the world needs to know that modeling is not all about being pretty." im not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or what but it came off a little harsh.

anyway, watch antm this season! its on wednesday nights at 8/7c. if for nothing else, to laugh at/root on allison. you cant miss her. she has absolutely no emotion. and as one of her competitors said on the show, "her eyes are so big they scare me."

cool story, i know.

♥ lauren

Saturday, March 7, 2009

saturday hellos

while the rest of the world is sleeping off the mistakes of last night, i of course, find myself awake. ..and watching barber shop. staring queen latifah (ooo i love me some queen la-teef-a) and alicia silverstone. what a combo.

so, how about a few updates?

> sephora opened!! its reallly exciting for the citizens of san marcos. lauren and i went for opening day ceremonies and got our very wimpy free gift that we were too excited about. we have seriously been looking forward to march 6 for about a month. annd sephora is not even free standing, or in a mall, or something legit like that. its in the new jc penney. watch out, sunny san marcos its getting up-town! and i am embracing the change with gratitude. first pennies, now sephora, and very soon a new target. so that pretty much covers all my shopping needs. life is good.

> okay scream! im going to see taylor swift at the rodeo!!! yep, i got invited by a girl from work whos grandma has connections and got free, ground/dirt (row three) tickets for friday night. its reallly lucky for me and the other three junkies that are going. im obviously super excited and with good reason. *oooi-ooi*raise the roof*

> i guess my spring break plans will consist of working? im doing all i can to change that though. dont worry.

> it was a gorgeous thursday afternoon and jimmy and i had plans for lunch. i was on my way to meet him while also talking to him on the phone. i came to the light under 35 on aquarena and just happened to glance in my rear view mirror. it was weird. there was this motorcycle with red and blue lights blinking (im describing what i see to james). ohh it was a cop... wait, i think hes pulling someone over. but there are no sounds and hes just sitting right behind me. i didnt know what to do . should i try to get out of his way? then, i turned. he turned too. weird. ok so jimmy chimes in with a totally ludicrous thought- maybe youre getting pulled over, lauren. (you know its serious when someone uses a name at the end of a sentence ha) i said, jimmy, i think im getting pulled over. well, sure enough, i was getting pulled over. so into a gas station i go. and he got off his bike and marched up to my little window. i was trying so hard to cry. every freaking movie i watch, i end up crying. i used to fake cry all the time to get my sister in trouble. but no. not one glistening tear. anyway, i got a ticket. 44 in a 30. ouch. defensing driving here i come. maybe thats how i will spend spring break?
and i didnt let it ruin my gorgeous thursday after noon. or my lunch plans with jimmy.

> my room/our apartment could use a good cleaning. just so you know. oh, and our little living situation has gotten nowhere. so thats good. what to do, oh what to do?

nothing more. enjoy today.

xo. lauren

Thursday, March 5, 2009

emergency in 911

planning next years living arrangements has been somewhat of a nightmare. let me explain..

there are four of us that live together now and only three of us are for sure coming back to texas state in the fall. whitney is pivotal due to the fact that she is applying for a masters program called fellows. if she gets in, thats great! but she still has to be placed into a school district. three of the four districts require her to move out of san marcos. in the case she gets put in anything besides hays county, she will say screw it and her dreams of having a masters in education are shattered for the moment (only, not so dramatic). if she is in hays, she will accept the program and live happily in sunny san marcos. she might have a small advantage because she is student teaching in hays this semester? were not really sure. so she first has to get in the program, and then get placed in the right district. annnd she finds nothing out until the end of the month.

now heres more of the problem. we love where we live. we like the location of not only our complex but also our apartment in the complex. the large living room and open kitchen. HUGE rooms and closets (we wish! but were willing to slightly sacrifice for other good stuff.) laundry room. neighbors, who are actually only temporary. unshaded pool. big patio. first floor. etc.
oh and were lazy and dont really want to pack everything up and move into an apartment that we dont totally love. [a lot of the three bedroom apartments have just two bathroom-not an option for us. or one room is waaay bigger compared to the others-not an option for us. or come unfurnished-not an option for us.]

so, march 15 is the day to sign a lease (hence the emergency part, seeing as it less than 10 days away). its the last day that all the deals are good. and here go our options:
1. sign a lease in a perfect three bedroom apartment. this includes equally large rooms, walk in closets, and bathrooms. large living spaces. and a great location. reasonable price.
...and then we work up and realized we are living in san marcos, texas. that apartment doesnt exist. and besides, that still requires moving. but it would be worth it if the apartment is juust perfect.
2. resign here at the villagio, in a four bedroom (we hate the three here), without whitney. we would just hope that she gets into fellows in hays county and can then live with whitney again next year. or if she doesnt, and decides to pack her bags and head back to bay city, then we would either a) find a girl to live with us. b) hope that our randomly assigned roommate isnt an anime loving, emo, kleptomaniac, 19 year old. or c) there is a verrrry slight chance that they would leave that room empty.
3. wait till the end of march, or later, to see where whitney is placed. this might mean all the good apartments are booked and that were up a creek without a paddle or a place to live. and sign then.

needless to say, were kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. any advice?

let me know, lauren

Monday, March 2, 2009

hello blog world,

so, its march?! it scares me but at the same time its really exciting because were getting soo close to it being spring break!! not that i have have any huge spring break plans but i am always excited for that small taste of summmer :) and of course, showing off my bikini body.

my sister has made it very clear that she no longer has spring break, or summer, or any break for that matter, now thats shes in the real world. all she has is the weekends and the only thing she has to show for it are those real world checks. poor baby. it makes me reallly want to do something good for sb09, but im just not sure what. maybe ill spend it at the hop? that could be fun.
welp. thats all fo now..

oh btw happy birthday to dr. suess, sam houston, bon jovi, and of course, texas, our texas!!

happy march,