Saturday, March 7, 2009

saturday hellos

while the rest of the world is sleeping off the mistakes of last night, i of course, find myself awake. ..and watching barber shop. staring queen latifah (ooo i love me some queen la-teef-a) and alicia silverstone. what a combo.

so, how about a few updates?

> sephora opened!! its reallly exciting for the citizens of san marcos. lauren and i went for opening day ceremonies and got our very wimpy free gift that we were too excited about. we have seriously been looking forward to march 6 for about a month. annd sephora is not even free standing, or in a mall, or something legit like that. its in the new jc penney. watch out, sunny san marcos its getting up-town! and i am embracing the change with gratitude. first pennies, now sephora, and very soon a new target. so that pretty much covers all my shopping needs. life is good.

> okay scream! im going to see taylor swift at the rodeo!!! yep, i got invited by a girl from work whos grandma has connections and got free, ground/dirt (row three) tickets for friday night. its reallly lucky for me and the other three junkies that are going. im obviously super excited and with good reason. *oooi-ooi*raise the roof*

> i guess my spring break plans will consist of working? im doing all i can to change that though. dont worry.

> it was a gorgeous thursday afternoon and jimmy and i had plans for lunch. i was on my way to meet him while also talking to him on the phone. i came to the light under 35 on aquarena and just happened to glance in my rear view mirror. it was weird. there was this motorcycle with red and blue lights blinking (im describing what i see to james). ohh it was a cop... wait, i think hes pulling someone over. but there are no sounds and hes just sitting right behind me. i didnt know what to do . should i try to get out of his way? then, i turned. he turned too. weird. ok so jimmy chimes in with a totally ludicrous thought- maybe youre getting pulled over, lauren. (you know its serious when someone uses a name at the end of a sentence ha) i said, jimmy, i think im getting pulled over. well, sure enough, i was getting pulled over. so into a gas station i go. and he got off his bike and marched up to my little window. i was trying so hard to cry. every freaking movie i watch, i end up crying. i used to fake cry all the time to get my sister in trouble. but no. not one glistening tear. anyway, i got a ticket. 44 in a 30. ouch. defensing driving here i come. maybe thats how i will spend spring break?
and i didnt let it ruin my gorgeous thursday after noon. or my lunch plans with jimmy.

> my room/our apartment could use a good cleaning. just so you know. oh, and our little living situation has gotten nowhere. so thats good. what to do, oh what to do?

nothing more. enjoy today.

xo. lauren

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