Friday, April 10, 2009


"he would be hard to chase, but good to catch and he could change the world with his hands behind his back."
-adele, daydreamer
you must listen to this song. its sounds better with music. and her british accent.

jimmy: "parrot whore"
me: "harpers whore"
jimmy: "we are at green parrot"
me: "obviously"
jimmy: "come here or leave me alone."
paha this was a texting conversation/fight. i found it humerus yet typical that he both started
he convo, and ended it abruptly and pissed off that i had been bugging him. we all had a good
laugh especially when he walked into harpers 15 minutes later. what a tool :)

"guess what? i have flaws. what are they? oh i dont know... i sing in the shower. sometimes i spend too much time volunteering. occasionally ill hit somebody with my car. so sue me. no, dont sue me... thats the opposite of the point im trying to make."
-michael scott, the office

and also,

"do I need to be liked? absolutely not. i like to be liked. i enjoy being liked. i have to be liked. but its not like this compulsive need to be liked. like my need to be praised."
-michael scott, the office
ahh i cant get enough of the fun run episode. or michael scott. or jim and pams relationship. or really, the office in general.

""well, anyway...its over," i say, realizing that those two words lump me right in with a hoard of naive women who say its over while praying its not, looking for any shred of hope, insisting that they only want closure when they really want is the one last conversation disguised as seeking closure while they work to keep the door open for more. and the pathetic truth is i do want more."
-emily giffin/rachel, something borrowed

"tell me somethin; where yo boss at?"
-sasha feirce aka beyonce, diva

not quotable. just necessary. and interesting?..
i could not sleep. i woke up at like 5am because i was beyond uncomfortable. i had kicked off the part of my covers that weighs down my feet. i seriously think/know i have restless leg syndrome and desperately need something heavy on my feet at all times. so anyway, i woke up to literally re-make my bed then got back in it. thirty minutes later i found myself wide awake still. i got up, fixed a drink of water, and realized that i should just wake up for the day because i honestly doubt that my sleep will be that great. besides i could finally get a blog in. waking up super early happens to me when i drink. usually super early just means 7 but, today i got 5. so, it is possible i woke up so early due to rls, drinking, or my off-the-wall dream. yeah, i dreamt about mccarthyism, and i was the "commy." talk about nightmare!
all very interesting, i know.

have a lovely day.

or better yet, have a good friday. get it?

♥ yours truly