Sunday, January 31, 2010

consider myself cultured

while cleaning my room the other day, i came across this old notebook from like 2008, and inside was my so called bucket list..
kiss a stranger without speaking first
enjoy 15 minutes of fame
make sure everything in my house is my favorite [my chairs will not just be any ole chairs; they will be my favorite chairs]
marry for love and money
watch the ball drop for NYE [live, in time square]
cheer on the macy's thanksgiving day parade
live in a different state for a short period of time
consider myself cultured
watch mean girls everyday for a month, again
have a job i love
work with my sister and be able to maintain our relationship
go green
be known as the hostess with the mostess
send friends flowers monthly
enjoy doing RAK [random acts of kindness]
support a candidate for president
have blue eyed, brown haired babies
learn all the words to ice ice baby
be a leader for a good cause
never break traditions
stay 29 forever (once i get to that age. and only if i love that age)
give up something real for lent and never pick it up again
have pink in every room
drive a BA car [haaaaaaaahahaa]
learn another language

i also found a 21st birthday check for twenty dollars dated june 26, 2008!

talk about a lucky day..

enjoy the last few moments of january.
XO. lauren

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

miss elsie cake has a playlist that i just die for!!
go listen. i swear youll fall in love. ♥

Monday, January 11, 2010

the more you know

some would call me a girlie girl which is why what i am about to say may come as a shock to you. brace yourself... -i really like scars!- i feel like all scars have a story behind them and they each represent something significant in your life. well significant enough to leave a mark on your body for, possibly, the rest of your life. and its like, if you know what other peoples scars are from, then you reallly know that person. ya know? i used to think that of middle names.

i have a scar on my left eyebrow. i got it when i was like three racing my sister to be the first to answer the door. she won. i ran straight into the edge of a wall. i used to wax my eyebrow to that line (its vertical and very close to the start of my eyebrow) so no one would even notice that i had it, but my brow was getting too short. now you can clearly see the missing hairs and well, i kind of like it.

i have a scar on my left thumb. i got it senior year in high school at my friend bortkas house. we were meeting there to leave on a river trip. i was popping my thumb and my right hand slipped and i cut my hand with my other hands nails. it wasnt a very big cut, but the scab (ew i hate that word) fell off (sorry this is disgusting) so i now have a scar forever.

i have a scar on my left pointer finger. its located in the palm side and is the length of two joints. in april 2009, or maybe it was 2008, we had a luau party and rented a pina colada machine that was extremely heavy. as i was setting it down it slipped out of my hand and seriously tore up my finger. it hurt like a bitch and bled like a pig. heres a sweet pic of it from the night of the accident.

no, its not the best quality, but you still really need to see my finger.

i have a scar on the inside of my left heel. this one time, i was drunk, at a bar, in san antonio, wearing flip flops (i knew it was cold! and decided to wear them anyway), and got cut by a broken beer bottle left on the floor by some freaking idiot. i swear it was a sign from joan rivers reminding me that flip flops in 40 degree weather is both tacky and dangerous. anyway, i didnt notice the cut until the sole of my shoe was covered in blood. i did the whole "im sorry, i cut my foot earlier and now my shoe is filling up with blood" *drag leg away* thing about 20 times that night. (btw, name that obvious movie) this heel scar is by far my favorite and i really hope i have it forever and always remember that night at the ticket when i look at it.

reading this blog has provided a wealth of information whether you realize it or not. you know me much better than you did before, all my accidents that left scars occur ed on the left side of my body, and...well, thats all i can come up with.

xo. lauren