Sunday, January 31, 2010

consider myself cultured

while cleaning my room the other day, i came across this old notebook from like 2008, and inside was my so called bucket list..
kiss a stranger without speaking first
enjoy 15 minutes of fame
make sure everything in my house is my favorite [my chairs will not just be any ole chairs; they will be my favorite chairs]
marry for love and money
watch the ball drop for NYE [live, in time square]
cheer on the macy's thanksgiving day parade
live in a different state for a short period of time
consider myself cultured
watch mean girls everyday for a month, again
have a job i love
work with my sister and be able to maintain our relationship
go green
be known as the hostess with the mostess
send friends flowers monthly
enjoy doing RAK [random acts of kindness]
support a candidate for president
have blue eyed, brown haired babies
learn all the words to ice ice baby
be a leader for a good cause
never break traditions
stay 29 forever (once i get to that age. and only if i love that age)
give up something real for lent and never pick it up again
have pink in every room
drive a BA car [haaaaaaaahahaa]
learn another language

i also found a 21st birthday check for twenty dollars dated june 26, 2008!

talk about a lucky day..

enjoy the last few moments of january.
XO. lauren

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