Monday, November 9, 2009

7 november loves

  1. pumpkins! the smell of pumpkin: pumpkin candles, pumpkin hair products, pumpkin dump cakes. the look of pumpkins too: my perfectly fairytaled, fairytale pump, and homemade velvet pumpkins like these
  2. the after halloween, halloween sales. sara and i got fake eyelashes for 25 cents (!!!) partially because they were 75% off and partially because the women at the check out could not do mental math. this worked in our favor so we decided to really stock up on them.
  3. leaving the windows open. i looove the smell and feel of autumn air. and hopefully it will help with our electricity bill. fingers crossed!
  4. the 10 day salute to sausage-WURSTFEST! this event is single handily the best weekend of the fall semester. i love everything there is about wurstfest: the anticipation, the date parties, the tons and tons of people you will guaranteed see there, a different crowd from the typical square rats, polka music, old german geezers who buy you beer, the whopping 17 dollar pitchers of shiner, booths and booths of sausage on a stick, fried oreos/fried everything, turkey legs, etc., the sweepstakes, the clever status/album titles on facebook, the pictures, and most importantly, leaving the best decisions behind and making the wurst decisions! i went twice this year and loved every minute of it. i hope that when im done and gone from san marcos (whenever that time will come), my friends and i will continue to reunite in new braunfels for this glorious occasion. here is a picture of hayley, sara, me, and amber from friday night that is not yet on facebook. eeks, i obviously spilled..
  5. fall art from elsie. the bottom left is my favorite and im considering purchasing it. i love all of elsies stuff! i have some 'holiday art' of my own that i plan to create and will surly post pics when it is finished. get excited!
  6. target had tiny pink tinsel trees. i could not pass them up. mine is already displayed in my bathroom and i loove it! i get super excited about christmas but never want to rush through thanksgiving. anyway, i already put one really small tree up and do not yet regret it. i also put pink lights on my headboard, but those are not christmas lights. they are all year pretty lights and they illuminate my room just perfectly. im pleased with this decision.
  7. mini vacations, like last saturday. i went with 8 other girls to austin for a bachelorette party. it was pirate themed because the bride is 'walking the plank' in a week. everything was done so cleverly, like a treasure map of 6th street in search for booty. and all the costumes looked so good! we had so much fun and of course got lots of attention and "aarrrrgs" thrown our way but we completely embraced it. after our night on the town, we went back to the holiday in on town lake to stay. i loved our mini vaca. i have another one coming up this weekend: camping at lake livingston.

what do you all love about november?

XO. lauren