Wednesday, March 11, 2009

claim to fame

sophomore year, cameron, shannon, and i spent our time getting our priories straight. jamming to orson. laying out at sewell park. living and eating at the outpost. bahama bucks. mooching at carnivals. drinking like it was going out of style. parking our car at jhhones. buying baby cats as friendship pets. oh, and stalking people with eating disorders on myspace.

well, one of my friends with an "ed" is alli. i dont know her from adam, but it turns out shes pretty weird and, cool fact- shes from spring, texas. she loves drawing, painting, nose bleeds, baby cats, and freaky-deaky photography. anyway, we are close. i added her as a friend so that shannon, cameron, and i could look at her pictures. not stalker-ish at all..

with that being said, i got an email from mr. r today. (since cameron no longer blogs, i will fill yall in on his life. he is now a permanent sub with a real work email address. i have never been prouder! some of the kids refer to him as "mr. r" and ask why he is so tall. he lives a very lovely, yet busy, life in needville, tx. we all wish he would take some time to blog more often but, we also realize that mr. r has tooo many emails to check. after all, he is a permanent sub living in needville, tx with a real work email address. i miss him living in san marcos, tx. but being such a good friend, i understand that he needs to live and work as a permanent sub in needville, tx.) he informed me that our little friend is now on cycle 12 of americas next top model!! i did the research, watched last weeks episode, and yes-sir-re, thats alli! big, blue eyed, eating disordered, allison on antm. and shes my friend! and its not even like shes a myspace legend like jefferee starr or tila tequila. were just normal myspace friends that share a love for nose bleeds. allison won the first photo shoot competition and lauren, jill, and i rooted her on the whole way. although, tyra did say that "shes the type of girl she gets emails about. but that the world needs to know that modeling is not all about being pretty." im not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or what but it came off a little harsh.

anyway, watch antm this season! its on wednesday nights at 8/7c. if for nothing else, to laugh at/root on allison. you cant miss her. she has absolutely no emotion. and as one of her competitors said on the show, "her eyes are so big they scare me."

cool story, i know.

♥ lauren

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