Monday, March 2, 2009

hello blog world,

so, its march?! it scares me but at the same time its really exciting because were getting soo close to it being spring break!! not that i have have any huge spring break plans but i am always excited for that small taste of summmer :) and of course, showing off my bikini body.

my sister has made it very clear that she no longer has spring break, or summer, or any break for that matter, now thats shes in the real world. all she has is the weekends and the only thing she has to show for it are those real world checks. poor baby. it makes me reallly want to do something good for sb09, but im just not sure what. maybe ill spend it at the hop? that could be fun.
welp. thats all fo now..

oh btw happy birthday to dr. suess, sam houston, bon jovi, and of course, texas, our texas!!

happy march,

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