Friday, July 17, 2009

peculiar encounters

  • one of my professors at cvs. i love seeing teachers outside of school. its like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.*
  • a lady that turned to me and said, "excuse me, were you in oklahoma two years ago?" the only thing i responded with was, "no." it didnt seem odd until i thought about it afterward.
  • this may seem like a figment of my imagination, but i SWEAR that i saw a hasidic jew moseying through sewell park. this image took me directly back to a particular carriage ride straight through the crowd of people attending the israeli music festival in central park.
  • dancing todd (a san marcos celebrity) may have been replaced by a younger dude with much swifter moves. or maybe todd just has the day off? either way, i feel uneasy.
  • one of the best visitors ive had in a long time!

happy weekend,

*name that movie

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