Friday, July 17, 2009

my throat has been feeling super funny all day. not like a sore throat, more like there is just oil dripping back there. ..maybe i should have described it as a disgusting/greasy feeling instead of a funny one?
anyway, i was in need of some sort of drink besides water, and preferably with caffeine, my cure all. of course, our fridge contains of the college-girl basics: water, beer, old sangria, and even older orange juice. just as i was about to give up on quenching my thirst/oil drip, i saw a maroon bottle of dr.pepper hidden waaay in the back. im not a big fan of dr.pepper (unless its with amaretto) or non-diet drinks, but i was clearly desperate and it was that or the oj. i opened the bottle and sipped on my dp.
the whole time i was drinking it, i was wondering whose it was; my roommates dont normally buy sodas in bottles (except for jill who is on a big blue kick and you can only get those from select places, usually at the checkout!). another thing that perplexed me was that every drink i took, it seemed like i tasted alcohol. so naturally i just thought i was so used to dp and amaretto that it all just started to taste spiked...right? thats logical. well it wasnt the case. as i took my last sip i remembered where indeed the mysterious bottle of dr.pepper had come from. RIVER TRIPS! -when people dont want beer, they pack sodas mixed with rum to take down the river instead. im pretty sure that i just consumed an extra drink from some river trip that had already been "adjusted."
in conclusion: my throat still feels funny/disgusting/greasy and now im starting to feel funny too. haha. and our drink selection is back to the basics.

oh what a night.

living the dream,

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