Wednesday, July 1, 2009

even numbers

the day before my 22 birthday, i got a fortune in my fortune cookie that read, "the coming year will bring you much happiness."
i think this is a sign from buddah seeing as i consider my "year" to begin with my new age. im excited about 22. everyone has told me it aint so great but i am bound and determined to make it the best year yet.

okay ill be honest.. i havent always had this mindset. at midnight, lauren started singing me happy birthday and i started to cry. and not because it was a sweet gesture (although it was haha) but because i wasnt ready for it. i was surrounded by fresh faced, green behind their ears, 21 years olds who still had their whole life ahead of them and there i sat, greying at age 22 and drowning in my sorrows.

the next morning, shelby called to wish me a happy birthday. i told her i was skeptical about my new if i had a choice to turn back time or something? time is relentless. anyway, she asked if it was because i didnt have the "excuses" of a 21 year old anymore. thats when rick chimed in with a scruffy, "im sure shell think of one." and honestly, i hope rick is right. not that i find an "excuse" per se, but that i dont loose the burning desires to live life to the fullest like those perky 21 year olds do. there is just something about that number.

so now, i am trying to embrace my age. afterall, this is the youngest i will ever be. i really am looking forward to this year. maybe i just have a funny feeling because its an even number? the reality is, lifes what you make it and im going to make mine just spectacular.

--that all should have been written by a 56 year old. not someone at the ripe old age of 22. haha.--

oh and good news! we got wireless internet back. :)
we were mooching of our neighbors, but they decided to move out and we decided we needed to get our own wireless internet if we were gunna survive. so after four hours (almost literally) of trying to decide on a good name, we came up with possibly the lamest of all. and we even googled it! our competition wasnt all that steep (names like "den is thowed" and "apt 931" surround us) but we still felt the pressure of naming our very first wifi (if its even called that?). NERUAL. its lauren spelled backwards. i know, clever!

sweet dreams,

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