Tuesday, July 14, 2009

its so on

hi dolls.
i was flipping through the channels yesterday hoping to find a re-run of real world cancun. i havent watched real world religiously since they were in austin. that was my first year in college and my first year with cable. im pretty sure i watched EVERY show religiously that year. anyway, all of my hall mates would gather in our room on, i believe it was a monday (after laguna beach?), to watch the drama unfold. so this year, a girl i went to high school with is on the show. translation: addicted yet again.
well i didnt find 8 strangers partying in mexico, with every horrible decision caught on tape forever, but what i did was find was so much more than that. i found alexa chung.
after seeing the show only twice, i fell in love. and for the following reasons:
  1. shes from london. which means im absolutely obsessed with her accent, she uses words like "rubbish" casually, and she emphasizes syllables differently than we do here in the states.
  2. she is a model. which means she has wicked style, is insanely skinny/tall, when she crosses her legs, they are so skinny/lengthy that the wrap around each other like vines on a tree.
  3. her set design is uh-maze-zing. i looove it. its all urban and earthy and totally chic.
  4. her show is not bad either. i mean shes new, so her guests arnt exactly a-list but she makes things fun and asks off the wall questions. alexa also incorporates a lot of youtube/facebook/twitter into the show..still not sure how i feel about that.

i like alexa chung. im pretty sure you would all like her too.

just thought you should know.
XO. lauren

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