Monday, July 20, 2009

some things i love

  • the uniform project. the same dress is worn by the same lady in new york everyday for a year. accessories are used to spruce it up and exude her creativity. its done for a good cause and proceeds go to the akanksha foundation which is "revolutionizing education in india." this is the outfit worn on june 26 aka my birthday/the day after mj's AND farrah fawcett's death . you can go learn more and see all the outfits here.

  • roommates being in town :) and dinner with funny conversations.
  • new, wonderful finds on etsy like so. and i am totally in love with these..

  • dreaming about summer vaca in nola.
  • the san marcos sky tonight. every shade of pink, orange, yellow, and black were visible. but it never rained :(
  • my new starbucks order (thanks in a large part to shelby). venti iced coffee. 1/2 a sweet-n-low. skim milk. AND sugar free hazelnut. its delicious. :)
  • bright colors and cool posters...

  • twitter.
  • the anticipation of baby urban.
  • my recent discovery of d-listed.
  • going to bed early!

i hope your day was lovely!

XO. lauren

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