Saturday, February 14, 2009

oh how i do love this day

lets see. ive had some pretty exciting valentines days in years past...

freshman year. this one is rough. shannon, cameron, and i stayed up all night the night before valentines day to make camerons gf (at the time) a picture frame that was just too expensive to buy. and we just knew it would be fun/easy to make. like i said, we were up all night. because of the lack of sleep, (i think he also had a test the next day) cameron was more delierious than ever before, and also more annoying. he would not shut up. right before kelsey and him went to dinner, he had a crash. he claims that verrry few words were exchanged at dinner and it was pretty much a misserable time. meanwhile, shannon and i went shopping at the outlets, like always. i somehow fell and cut my leg while looking at the jewlery at charlotte russe. and i can remember cracking up laughing and making quite a sceen. if you can imagine that. afterwards we decided to take our single sleves to a nice romantic, grizzly dinner at dairy queen. probably only the third time ive eaten there in all my life. obviously it was a valentines day to remember.

the adorable frame, happy couple, and totally mainstream friend who helped both make it and break it . ha.
just in case yall wanted to see my cut. it went through my skirt!
sophmore year. actually, when i started writing this, i though the frame happened the first year and shopping was the second. i realized i was wrong through pictures. so i cant really remember what that valentines day brought in 2007. i probably dyed shannons hair or something. however, i can remember that cameron went out. i was only 19.

junior year. kacey and i thought we were real smart by getting austin and jimmy to go out with us. well, as out as we could go seeing as we were both still underage. we got dressed cute, and headed over to austins. jimmy and he were playing darts ha ha and seemed supprised that kacey and i looked so hot. then they realized it was a double date :) at dinner, im pretty positive that jimmy actually paid for austin? cause he owed him? kacey and i went dutch. and jimmy left his number for our waitress who then turned into jimmys gf. to top it all off, they boys headed to the square and left our single asses home. that was a good year too!

so now, senior year. well for starters, i work from three to close. so we should be getting a lot of valentines day shoppers in on the day of? then i will probably find myself at the square. i just cant wait to see was cupid shoots my way!

enjoy your day of love.
♥ lauren

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  1. we probably did dye my hair. or walk to the outpost and eat skinny cows, or take care of our cat, or something equally as lame.

    hope you found love last night! or a honey for the night. either way.

    miss and love so much!