Wednesday, February 11, 2009


for the past seven days, i have been having so much fun.

it started with wednesday: i went to dinner with hilary, whom i havent seen or talked to in some time. we had tons to talk about and were basically kicked out of chuys at close. we decided to start really taking advantage of how close we live to each other and to make dinner more of a regular thing.

thursday: instead of going to our normal happy hour at palmers, us girls (haha) met at grins for dinner and drinks. there were a few more of us than normal and as always, a good time was had by all. but really, how can you not have fun when margaritas are only a dollar?

friday: started with class and straight from there, becca, lauren, jill and i went to lulling, texas for our feild trip friday. not only did we eat bbq, shop, visit the school, and of course buckees, we also pretty much met jills entire family. and by they way, all look identical. at 3 i had to work. when i was cut, i met up with a bunch of people at the movies to see hes just not that into you. i was like 20 minutes late due to a pesky customer, but i still liked the movie for the most part. i will say, i just think of it like a romantic comedy and not as following the book. i seem to like it better that way. after the movie, 5 of us went to a very funny dinner then headed home to get dressed. we ended up going to our neighbors. needless to say, it was a loong day.

saturday: kaite and erin came in town to go to austin for staceys birthday. kaite and i went shopping while jessica and erin ate. then the two of us headed to austin to eat at chuys (i know, again) and then shop a little more. we met jessica and erin at our free hotel after valet parking for free. the four of us got dressed there and headed to the bars for our night. it was fun and a really cool atmosphere. and we ended up seeing like 8 people from high school :)

sunday: once we woke up, jessica and i came back to san marcos while kaite and erin left for cs. right when i got home, i started running my bath water (i looked a wee bit busted) when i realized that i had to work. ughh it put me in a bad mood since i had planned on laying around doing nothing all day.

monday: after classes all day, we went out to eat for mikes birthday. after dinner, becca, jill, lauren, whitney, and myself, had the worlds longest "pow-wow."

tuesday: nothing too exciting. class. lunch at jimmys. work. kaceys. you know, the usual.

and today: class all day. realized (actually jimmy realized) my car had been egged. carwash. dinner with whit. basketball game to cheer on my bobcats :)

..once i re-read that, i was bored. sorry. but its the best i can give right now.

and things to look forward to..

  • feild trip friday in boerne.
  • spending valentines day at work instead of the alternatives: citizen cope concert in austin, buying my first/second-if-you-count-bunnie cat so i have a nice collection by the time im 50, schlitting, or making countless memories with my longtime boyfriend.
  • legally blonde the musical next weekend.
  • our un-themed (so far!) party on february 27. plan to attend.
  • the concert of a lifetime: miss britney spears!
  • 4 weddings. one involving a trip to new orleans. one involving a trip to new york!!

keep the good times coming!!