Thursday, February 5, 2009

dont waste the pretty

young money..

i finished reading the book, hes just not that into you, and although it was brutal, hard-to-swallow, beyond honest, and almost even sad; it was also witty, personal, and definitely liberating.

gregs blunt advice on dating and understanding guys is exactly what wimpy women everywhere need to hear. even if you dont think your a wimpy woman, i guarantee greg will prove you wrong and then inspire you to go out there and get what you want and deserve because youre a catch!!

oh by the way, i think im a feminist now..question mark

each chapter has some clever/slightly rude little title like hes just not that into you if hes not dating you, or having sex with you, or if he is breaking up with you, or only wants to see you when hes drunk, etc.. and at the end of each of them, there is a checklist with things you should have learned in that chapter like, better than nothing is not good enough for you! or, theres someone out there that does want to have sex with you, hot stuff. ha ha.
okay so all im saying is there are a lot of lessons to be learned that seem so simple and obvious but when i really though about it, i was that girl. i was that girl who needed to hear it over and over again because it clearly wasnt sinking in. that i have no time to waste on the wrong guys because that will just keep me from finding the right guy. in the past, i have made excuses for guys that they sure as hell didnt deserve. im the type that cant stay mad because its so much harder than just sweeping it under the rug and moving on with all the fun. but i just cant do that anymore. greg and liz have opened my eyes. and now, i realize that i let guys get away with so much more than i should have.
not no more. i have been revitilized! and now i realize that he really is just not that into me. the best part is im not even upset about it because i know their is someone out there who will be that into me. i would much rather be with him anyway. i seriously wish i would have adapted this theory long ago..

need examples? hes just not that into you if hes constantly making you feel like crap. its not that a lot is going on in his life, or that he just had a bad day and youre getting the brunt of it all. no. its just that he doesnt care enough about you to treat you with respect. hes also just not that into you if you only get texts at 2:30 am (well because it is after midnight, they are technically "sexts" anyway) asking if you want to come over. and he definitely is just not that into you if he never calls or texts you at all. he didnt loose your number or drop his phone in the ocean, if he wanted to talk to you, he would. dont dare call/text him first. that would just be "despy" and pathetic. when he wants to get in touch with you, he will do all he can until he does.
i realize that it all sounds like one big game, but for some reason, reading the book makes complete and total sense. i am just not doing it justice. my apologizes. please, please read it for yourself!

anyway, like i said, there are many lessons to be learned and most of them are mentioned time and time again. but one that stood out to me seemed to be just a side note yet it hit me like a big yellow school bus; when people show you who they are, believe them. oh, and also, dont waste the pretty :)

and for your sake, do not waste your time on someone who continuously disappoints you in some way, shape, or form. chances are, he is just not that into you. and you shouldnt be that into people who arnt that into you. right? right!

so way off topic- i change my anwser. if i could live in any decade, it would no longer be the 50s. i now choose the roaring 20s. and i give all the credit to pop culture. although, we havent studied the 50s still saying 1920s.

xo, lt

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  1. finally.

    i really want to read the book before the movie but i know that won't happen.

    have fun in Luling and going to see the movie!

    love ya sheri!