Wednesday, January 14, 2009

last night was a blur. a total, surreal blur. i woke up, still drunk, with a huge rubber band around my wrist, scratches all over my arm, no car, and no memory of my night. actually, just very little memory. and those memorys are beyond embarassing. so that may explaing why i am a total wack job right now. maybe i was drugged? ive just had the weirdest thoughts/conversations all day. and, like i said, i lost my car, so the best thing for me to be doing is blogging...question mark.

oh yeah, i almost forgot; i changed my nyr. instead of having a long list of everything i hope to improve on or change in two thousand nine (ew. see perfect example of how off i am today. i mean 2009), i have simplified it. my new near years resolution is to get my priorities straight! obviously i havent started yet.

earlier today i actually got out a pen and paper and made a list of all the holidays that fall on a different date, same day of the week, each year. i came up with thanksgiving. and of course it is always the third thursday of november. sidenote: of the three team members who played (and lost) against me in cranium last night, none of them knew that. unbelievable isnt it? also, easter, mothers and fathers day, 4th of july, and christmas. kidding of course about the last two. then, i wasnt sure about mothers and fathers day so i went as far as to look them up. and i was right! mothers day is the second sunday in may and fathers, well i couldnt figure it out for fathers day. anyway, theeen i really started thinking about that. i know, what a very peculiar thing to be doing on a wednesday morning, but i was just enthralled i guess. so, i know christmas is just one big birthday party and same with 4th of july so it would be weird to change the date, but i hate when they fall on weird days of the week, like sunday. that is possibly sacrilegious? isnt that true though? it just feels strange to me to wake up on a sunday morning and go to a parade. or do you go to chrch and miss the parade? if you do that, you cant really call it 4th of july. or go to church after the parade? its so annoying and totally throws off my week.
okay, enough about the holidays.

i miss watching mean girls all the time. and some days i miss living in the dorms. i love my apt. but living in lantana was a good time. there was nothing better then staying up all night with face masks on, crafting, never having to lock our doors, trying hard to steal from vending machines then giving up and just stealing food from the freezer, spending hours at jones, never being able to fall asleep and knowing kasey was in the same situation, aw-zzz talk, peeing our pants, peeling paint from the door frames, dealing with cassie, climbing up the walls, and of course, skipping class to stay in all day to catch up on sleep and even more importantly, to watch mean girls! but growing up and moving on is necessary i suppose.

i think of myself as a pretty creative person. (yeah, pretty and creative.) but lately, i have been noticing these commercials that are so well thought out and my creative confidence has really taken a hit. i hope to get it back soon because there is lots that needs to be done to this room of mine.

..after hours of this sitting on my computer screen, i think ill just stop there and go ahead and post it. i know its way random but i figured it was written and ill never finish it, so i might as well just put it out there...


  1. ok FIRST of all.. that was the most scatter-brained posting EVERRRR and that just shows how drunk you still must have been when you wrote it so i am happy everybody gets to see that....
    SECOND... i was just about to call you before i read this b/c mean girls is on ABC Family right at this moment...
    THIRD... you bitch, you spelled my name wrong. How long do we have to be best friends for you to get the spelling of my name correctly? it is K-A-C-E-Y R-E-Y-E-S... thank you and good night

  2. ohhh myyyy god. i am so sorry. that is beyond embarrassing. i was obviously still drunk but would totally understand if you wanted to call off our friendship.

  3. are we going to get an update soon?

    please? :)

  4. we're still waiting...............