Monday, January 5, 2009

this year i will...

  • be on time.
  • be more adventurous.
  • open an etsy shop.
  • blog weekly, if not more.
  • take time to smell the flowers.
  • only drink water while im out to eat.
  • along with drinking more water.
  • and eat out less.
  • seriously volunteer.
  • wash my face every night.
  • stop being polite and start getting real. kidding.
  • get in the habit of working out. and like it.
  • sing karaoke.
  • run something legit. like a 5k. or a marathon?
  • stop using the word legit.
  • try sushi.
  • show the world how so totally mainstream i am.
  • take advantage of whats around me.
  • this includes the cities. you never know when you might move or when a hurricane could come through and destroy it all.
  • the people. and the fact that we are all so close in proximity. among other things.
  • and the college scene. in general.
  • send in my secret. before it gets too juicy.
  • plan ahead.
  • clean out everything.
  • take more fiscal responsibility.
  • get crafty.
  • throw a holiday party.
  • contribute to society.
  • travel.
  • keep my spirit.

this list is in no particular order and will prpbably be updated frequently. and i understand if you want to save it in a word document to use as your own. go right ahead.

your totally mainstream friend,


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