Monday, December 15, 2008

my grown-up christmas list

1. to find the cure for aids. and acne. and other equally horrifying diseases.
2. that someday, i get paid for being lauren
3. i wish that facebook was once again, specifically for college students with college email addresses. although it would cut my number of friends in half, sometimes i get annoyed at the high schoolers and the amount of people over the age of 40 on the book. other times, i am grateful for them all. after all its more pictures to look at and more wall-to-walls to read. that does sound a little creepy. yes or no?
4. a featured spot on a hit reality show. i would totally fit in on the bad girls club or big brother. or maybe even the bachelor? if any of my extremely loyal and anonymous blog fans have connections, hook a sista up!
5. world peace.

other possibly more materialistic things i would love include:
1. this super adorable and extremely charming shower curtain from anthropologie.
2. i love this ring from james avery.
3. vera bradley duffel and garment bag in either peacock or capri melon.
4. a pink ipod nano.
5. fine point sharpies in every color under the sun.
6. betsey johnson perfume. in the purse size.



  1. laur, they're discontinuing peacock so you need to fulfill your v bradley desires asap.

    let me know what the cure for the acne is when you find out. the acne is a horrible horrible embarrassing disease.

  2. oooh finally a new posty!
    i think #1 and #2 (on both lists) are completely reasonable/i agree.
    not sure where you develop these playlists of urs but i like the taylor swift song thats playing to me right now..fifteen by her is also good. i still have yet to receive the Thisonesforbri list lol. i hope ur rsvp as "attending" to marcus's grad thing friday isnt a facebook fallacy, bc i'll be there.
    its 2am and i'm sleepy and now I'M NO LONGER AN ANONYMOUS FAN, shoot!