Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fresh flowers. legally blonde the musical. the smell of my new body wash. matt nathanson. design blogs. pizzazz. softball games. good bras. a weekend full of fun. the weather. the beat by burberry. new lion shoes. neighborhood olympics. coldplay. scribble projects. tolerance. nude nail polish. robocops. chicken salad sandwiches. roommate love. good days for sunsets. my nifty box. perfect play lists. good grades. party decor. this little deer..these are a few of my [current] favorite things.

happy tuesday.
xo, lauren


  1. oh do share with the blogging world what body wash you are currently using!

  2. ill be honest, nothing to gloat about, just johnson and johnson but possibly the best smell in the whole world...the pink feather kind with 24 hour moisture :)
    its delicious

  3. p.s. dont the hands of that deer holder make you vomit?

  4. try nivea's a touch of bliss bodywash. and while you're at it, get nivea's a kiss of moisture chapstick.

    p.s. yes.