Monday, October 6, 2008

you wish!

i am trying this new thing where i eat healthy and work out in hope of dropping some lbs. but every once in a while, some skinny soul with no concept of loosing weight, will invite me to eat out. today it was james. and his choice of restaurant: los cucos. this means baskets of free and endless chips. what a nightmare. not really, but i guess it could be. lucky for me jimmy mixed the dips together and my appetite vanished. well not entirely, but just enough. i ate my grilled chicken and veggies while he tore into his fried stuffed avocado. disgusting. i am so not interested in fried food anymore. ha. i wish.

so we finish lunch and our insanely awkward waiter brings the check. one check. i secretly smiled when jimmy reached for his wallet but then thought i would spare the embarrassment of "lauren, you wish. im not paying for yours too. cough up the cash." and decided to go for mine as well. so with two cards and one ticket ready, the waiter comes back and takes the black bill case away. and just as he turned so swiftly, one of the card fell to the floor. he turned back to us and said "so you want me to split it up?" jimmy replied too quickly with "yes!" and thats when it ended. my pretend date with jimmy was over.

ha ha ew jimmy, you wish!

i dont really think like that, or go on imaginary dates with innocent people. but i do hate when the guy is the one to ask for separate tickets. at least let me be the one to do that. i think it makes them look cheap and me look pathetic. although i do hope im wrong because it happens all to often.

when we got back into james' obnoxious vehicle, the gas light went off (or i guess more correctly, on) which made me think...

thats a perk in having a boyfriend.
never having to be the one to put your hands on that nasty gas pump or stand in the brutal texas sun to fill up your tank. just let him do it, right? or having to ask for the check to be split. and instead putting in all on one and all on him. and also getting fresh flowers randomly. that may be one of my biggest fantasies. always having fresh flowers to cheer up a room. it may sound pathetic, but jill's (one of my roommates) boyfriend, mike, brought her a bouquet of gorgeous roses that she so graciously put in our kitchen for us all to enjoy. and let me tell you, i could get used to that!

myself being single, stubborn, and optimistic, i usually fill my mind with various reasons why it is best to be single. but i guess the truth is there are many positives in being in a relationship. and i do know that someday my prince will come ha ha and until then i would not be caught dead waiting to start life with him but merely excited to change the way i enjoy life.

let that be your food for thought.

xo, lauren

p.s.- my new favorite show you ask? that would have to be ironic iconic america. it on bravo and is widely entertaining. do watch. i was hoping it was a series but i am beginning to think it is just a special. sad.


  1. lauren, i laughed at you wish, and i, like the shelbinator, thought you were deep. i'm not even being sarcastic like some your friends try to be haha.

    ps: i finally posted a blog.
    pps/pss: i'm not good at this.