Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the first

beginnings are so exciting! i have been thinking about it for a while and i finally decided that the first blog post in my first blog should be today. and lucky you for being the first to see it!!

today is such a special day, not only because of my first post, but for many other reasons:

      • it's the first day of october
      • the start of the fiscal year
      • i just started surfing the crimson wave
      • the dailey's anniversary
      • pushing daisies premier
      • and i just found out, eric and julie andrews birthday

i wish i was a little better at all this internet stuff, but im clearly not. so i will be perfecting it all later. but now its time for pushing daisies!!! more later..

xxoo lauren

1 comment:


    i'm so pumped you are now a part of the blogger world!!


    i'm so excited for what lies ahead with our blogging adventures! (does that even make sense?...whatever, i'm sure you get the point!)