Tuesday, October 7, 2008

list and fascists

let me start off by saying what a nice, nice day it is here in the texas hill country! the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, and just the perfect breeze. it really is nice. say nice again.

i was thinking today while talking to lauren and whitney (two of my roommates for my hundreds of anonymous blog fans who dont know), of things i wanted to do before the end of the month. so heres my list of what ive come up with so far..

31 things before the 31st:
  1. eat dinner outside at our apartment clubhouse
  2. take advantage of my apartment amenities
  3. get my camera fixed and
  4. take a picture everyday
  5. go into austin for dinner and sixth
  6. wear my hair differently
  7. hand write letters to my far away friends
  8. get a better idea of who to vote for
  9. go to a pumpkin patch
  10. carve pumpkins
  11. enjoy a ghouls (girls) night out or in
  12. get spooked at a haunted house
  13. go to a concert (matt nathanson, shannon?)
  14. watch the office season 4
  15. return all things that dont belong to me
  16. receive things that do belong to me
  17. catch up on birthday gifts (i am the world worst gift giver when it comes to a time frame)
  18. wash my car inside and out
  19. exercise my creativity and
  20. my body
  21. open an etsy shop
  22. volunteer
  23. read a book
  24. host a dinner party
  25. go rollerblading!
  26. design a header for my blog
  27. send in my yogurt lids to support breast cancer
  28. sing karaoke
  29. rearrange my closet so that fall and winter clothes are more prominent
  30. embrace my inner hippie
  31. send flowers to someone for no reason

so wish my luck! looks like i will need it.

love ya, lauren

oh and; today while i was walking on campus a guy yelled, "anyone who uses hairspray is a fascist!" ha ha isnt san marcos cute!?


  1. i miss san marcos. remember that time you and cameron got way too excited about the protest in the quad, and i got pissed and just headed back to lantana? those were the days.

    please let us go see matt, and please let us rollerblade, and please let you send me letters, and please let you send me flowers too if you really wanna.

  2. sheri, i know it might get annoying that i am such a huge Twilight saga fan... but, i highly suggest you read it! the movie comes out just before thanksgiving and i really think you would L-O-V-E it!!

    p.s. let's get some more friends into blogging. i.e. eric, alex, kaite...what do ya think?

  3. you must have heard wrong. it's not $60. i got the second one from Hasting's for $10.99!

    "buchanan's blog" would be so fun!