Wednesday, October 8, 2008

eye candy

throughout the day i spend too much time looking at different websites and i very often find things i die for. how selfish of me to keep them all to myself so i figured i should share some with you...

i am beyond smitten with this tootie cutie tutu!! i just love it and can only imagine how freaking cute the party pictures would be! i still have a couple years till i will need this for a kid of my own but maybe i will be and auntie soon!?

yep. i know you love this uuber cute fish and her castle. if i ever have a fish again i will want her to live in style much like this one. soo cute! lori maries (first name basis) blog in general is tote adore and you must check it out here.

i found this scarf on etsy and fell in love and then in elsies post today, she showed a very similar scarf. i so admire elsie for her creativity and originality and it excited me even more that we love the same type scarf. hers has a cuter asian model then the one i found but i still like to think they are one and the same. and that elsie and i could easily be blood sisters.

now i have always loved bows. maybe because since the day i got my hair cut in a pixie (the hair dressed though i was a boy. i was wearing pink overalls and was very cute. she was an idiot.) at age three, till i was in the glorious years of jr. high, i wore bows. that may be the height of embarrassment. that and playing the clarinet for three of those years. they both climbs the charts. but at least i didnt wear jincos or shirts that said "super freak" in glitter. i was gay and stupid with my hair bows and instrument while others were spelling out classy in their punk rocker outfits. ok besides all that, i love bows and i also love this bow ring. i ordered it and it should being shipped today! ill be sporting it before you know it.

i think its safe to say im a fan of betsey. i loooove her. and her perfume. and this is the best/coolest invention ever. that cute little bottle fits in your purse and you twist it, then squirt it, and you smell like heaven. ok i reallllly want this and hopefully i will get it sooner rather that later. (i am aware that this is beginning to look like a wish list.)

sadly this sold. but i think its soo cute! its so simple yet so different. i just really like it.

do you not die?! i die.

welp. my jills mom is bringing us dinner tonight so i must get prepared for that. its been so real.

xo, lauren

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