Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i was reading a blog once (before i became a blogger) and there was an entry about why that blogger was stereotypically a boy and a girl. i cant find it anymore but i wanted to do an entry like that of my own. so here goes nothing..

3 reasons i am stereotypically a girl:
  1. i love all things girly: make up, jewelry, lip gloss, nail polish, pleasant smells, eye lashes, shopping, luxury, perfect eye brows and lips, "bubble gum" music, betsey johnson, bags, belts, dresses, decorating, long hair, etc.
  2. pink is my favorite color.
  3. gossip. i hate to admit to it but i do love gossip. celebrity gossip included. and secrets. just secrets in general. even post secret.

3 reasons i am stereotypically a boy:

  1. when others care about little petty things, it bothers me to no end. im just not one to get stressed out about stupid crap and it bugs me when other people do. (is that even a trait in guys?)
  2. i have an obnoxious laugh. and im sure one day someone will like it or maybe even love it. and i cannot wait!
  3. i curse a bit too much. but im trying to cut back. its very hard. and so unattractive.

3 reasons i am stereotypically a celebrity:

  1. i often arrive fashionably late. its a bad habit and im not proud of it.
  2. sometimes it seems like i think the world revolves around me. i think it has a lot to do with being the youngest child.
  3. i love attention and pictures of myself. ew embarrassing. celebrities hate shutter bugs and i want the pauperize around me ha ha.

3 reasons i am stereotypically a blond:

  1. i get excited about stupid little things that no one else would ever care about.
  2. i can be an air head.
  3. i have more fun! my gpa could be much better but im pleased with my social life! so thats good.

3 reasons i am stereotypically a brunette:

  1. well i actually am a brunette. some people call it black. but no one in the world has black hair. just really really dark brown. oh and i love the color of my hair. i have never died it. im so proud to say that :)
  2. im smart.

i got stumped by the stereotype of brunettes. so i googled it. it said brunettes are smart. and that i am. so even though i actually am a brunette i only have two reasons...

3 reasons i am stereotypically a prep:

  1. welp. i like pearls and sperrys? and i always wear polos? and i would die if i was wearing a pattern and not a solid? and you can always find me in khakis?

3 reasons i am stereotypically jock:

  1. i like to party. and drink. a lot. but i have quit until thanksgiving.
  2. i am extremely athletic. i played softball for one year when i was nine, on the undefeated team, "the texas twisters." i was number 4 and the shirts were grey. it was awful. but i think my dad wished i was a boy or at least a bull dyke. and i was neither a boy, a dyke, or the athlete he had always hoped for. whatev.
  3. i love the olympics. i think i can really relate to the athletes. all their years of hard work and discipline shine through when they compete in each event. and my sister and i had our own mini olympics today. my mom was the judge. i won in the high kick, plank, and middle splits competition. she took the gold in the left splits ( i swear my mom felt bad and had to give her something). and then her husband, chris, jumped in for the sprint. he took gold. i got bronze. embarrassing because it was my idea. oh, and one time shannon and i raced in lantana. i won! and i looked like elvis. but i still won!

3 reasons i am stereotypically nerd:

  1. i am on the computer more now than ever before. maybe due to my blog?
  2. board games! i could play all the time. and im really good. get me on your team and i will take us to victory!
  3. sometimes i like to go to bed really early. so i guess that would be the stereotype for a grandma not a nerd.

(i wish i could say i love to read and my gpa is a 3.98 .. maybe in my next life)

3 reasons i am stereotypically a northerner:

  1. i come hard and blunt wit it. i am not very sensitive and i always expect others to be the same way. and when they arnt, feelings get hurt. its always bad. i am so sorry and i never mean to be mean. i just dont expect people to be such pussies. ha. kidding.
  2. my nails are black. new yorkers always wear black. ?

3 reasons i am stereotypically a southerner:

  1. everything of mine is monogrammed. i love monograms! and my initials are perfect for it! LTE. now imagine that in cursive! so adorable.
  2. i could drink tea all day.
  3. i live a slow paced life and love it. i can easily relax. unlike my dad.

anyway, i got to hit the hay. but i want everyone to do this little entry. it could be real fun?! alright. let me know ...

later on, lauren

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  1. i'm totally doing this entry tomorrow. i'm actually currently in the middle of a new entry, but i have to call it quits tonight...writers block. so, i guess its gonna be a big bloggy day for me tomorrow!