Friday, November 7, 2008

weekend update

my lame/tame lying and crying night turned fun

tuesday was election day. so kacey and i decided to go out alone. everyone else backed out. we thought our night could be annoying because i was complaining about tortillas the whole way there number 1, and number 2 we were going out alone on a tuesday. on our way to our first stop, the green parrot, we passed cafe on the square and the was a little democratic party complete with balloons and about 11 people ha ha. anyway when we got to parrot, kacey said "look" and pointed to the tv, and there it was; barack obama elected president. no one said a thing. no one had a reaction. everyone in the bar just starred. it was weird. oh and the song touch my body was on. that was weird too..

so we met up with some friends and headed to js. yes taxi was playing and yes we made eye contact. oh and i found out he is italian. the everyone loves an italian boy shirt gave it away. i wonder if hes 100%? js was nothing. so we had a drink and moved right along to nephews. a guy with a sty in his eye bought us shots. we hoped he wasnt spreading the sty. we realized that it really is a verrry small world. we also realized that guys feelings are more important than best friends. and kacey kept making me die laughing. we left there at midnight and then we got excited that in the future we get to leave at 2 like everyone else in the free speaking world. thank god for new laws. yippee!!

at my house, kacey continued with her humor. we talked for a long time. demonstrated some stuff and called it a night. overall, it was so fun!!


everyone went to the square for some good old fashion fun. russel was excited about crout dogs at wurst fest and jimmy was excited about his new relationship with bri. ha ha jimmy never really said that but i could sense things. and he was drunk although he did not admit it. no sober person would pull out those dance moves..

so wednesday was fun. it was also typical. not in a bad way though.

wurst fest round one

once a year there is 10 day festival in new braunfels, to salute sausage!! it is the excitement of november. everyone goes and everyone is blitzed. all you do is (raise hell) drink beer, eat bratwursts and croat dogs (ew, i know), and dance to german music. i had the time of my life. really though, i did.

a whole group of us (marcus de sean, jimmy, kacey, austin, jason, susan, big kal, brent, andrew, myself, and some others) met at marcus de seans house (it was my fist time there and it is sooo cool) and then caravaned to new braunfels. we made a quick stop at a liquor store because we knew beer was going to be expensive! its like 17 dollars a pitcher. in san marcos, we are used to 2 dollar pitchers. quite a difference. so we got the goods and before i knew it, i was in a neighbor hood. i wasnt really that clear on the plans and apparently we were going to a small party first? well the party was fun mainly because of darts, gossip, drinks, double toilets, ( i know!! again one bathroom, two johns. we took advantage. dont worry.) glow stick bracelets, new friends, and the excitement of wurst fest!

once we got to wurst fest, my memory gets a little foggy, but i know it was eventful. we parked the navigator..or is it an esclade? i can never remember, thanks to my five dollar donation that jimmy had no shame in taking, and the night was already tooo much. kacey and i reallllllly had to go to the bathroom and we had quite a hike ahead of us. we also wanted to take some vodka in or something? im not sure. but i do know that we were left alone in the parking lot to fin for ourselves. we quickly found a bathroom. it wasnt the most sanitary, but we felt like we were camping anyways. then i can remember us like running (yes, running) up and down a street with a bridge or a valley or somethingg. we still arnt sure why.

so we finally got into the gates and weve come to the conclusion that that was the last time we saw each other. so thats cute. and safe. i ran into a bunch of people i know and got completely "rowdie" with them. i saw bri and she asked me who i was with. i replied with no one, im by myself. and i was. just texting, "where" 18 times to kacey and walking by myself. and i was completely okay with it. mario assures me this is not true. and that i hung out with him. thank god! and he tells me we had a bunch of fun. so thats good. i quickly found the dance floor where polka music was loud and proud. i "grinded." and that wasnt the only poor decision i made all night. whatev. i was also telling everyone to vote against brent. what ever the hell that means. and that kyle was a hott mess when, in fact i was the epitome of hott mess.

so, kaceys phone broke or ran out of batteries or got lost or something. and after my time on the dance floor, people were ready to leave and kacey was no where to be found. we waited a long time at the front gate, but no kacey. so like good friends, we left her. i knew she would find a ride with a friend or a rapist, but i still didnt feel good about our decision. turns out she did find a friend and arrived home safe, sound, and sober. no. not sober.

meanwhile, jimmy turned into my protective older brother. but i was thankful for him. and i asked him if he had fun and he was pissed because i was a drunken idiot and he had to drive me home. he said he didnt have that much fun. oh and when i got home, i realized that kacey had my purse (hopefully) and therefore my keys, money, and lip gloss. tear.

all was well the next day. and the stories of our night were already laughable!


i went to the square for like an hour. i saw some friends from high school, but nothing extra special happened. and taxi wasnt playing at js. bummmer.

sausage fest

i kinda started my new job at bath jumkie. i spent the day at my managers house bottling shea butter. from there, i went to see the ceren family girls and the new baby boy, tyler. they are all so cute! we decided to go to wurstfest again because we didnt remember thursday and it only happens once a year...

i had a blast saturday too! i met a group of guys/men that were lebanese!! i feel that. they let me try their funnel cake and the facial surgeon of the group said that i had a pretty face. yes, this should be a compliment, but the only thing he didnt mention was my body. he maybe should have reworded and said "youre gorgeous." also, one was a car dealer and totally offered to "hook me up" on a new car. ha ha. while we were walking through a crowd, i proudly stand up was being played and a lady got pissed at us for walking around during that song. ew. its just a country song! i met a dutch man named bob who taught me german and bought me a beer that tasted like skittles. and a lady tried to fit a too small chicken hat on my head. just as she was placing it on, her wrinkly hand breezed by my nose and i shouted "your hands smell like plastic!" kacey almost peed her pants, i was embarassed that came out of my mouth, and she was probably sad. jimmy spilt an entire pitcher on himself immediately after purchasing it for 17 dollars. it was freezing and i was in short sleeves! i was thankful that i wasnt soaked in shiner like my friends. the night was verrrrrrry fun. i mean i had the time of my life. but, seriously.

well jimmy and bri left early. it was a wise decission because they kept calling each other baby. gag. but they left with out taking some friend home. so mellissa got the pleassure of driving them around nb to their destination. but keaton and pat got the pleasure of riding in the bed of a truck on a freezing night around nb. win win situation! since we had to take them home anyway, we decided to go in for some more fun. and more fun we did have.

sunday bloody sunday

it wasnt bloody. it was fun though. i went to lunch and then to see the movie role models. i gotta say, nothing is funnier than a little black kid dropping the f bomb every five seconds. two thumbs up. not really. but it was a good movie with lost of funny parts. and sean william scott was in it. who dosent love him?! he probally should have made the cut on my list..

my weekend was amazing and i am still obsessed with it. ill put pics up later.

have a great week,

p.s.- sorry the blogs have been getting soo long...

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  1. oh i grinded. and i see that you did too. small world?