Sunday, November 2, 2008

the celebrity loves of my life

jonathan taylor thomas

probably my first love. and every other girl my ages. yes or no? i dont know when i first fell for him but i do know that i fell hard. it could have been his role in home improvement. or maybe it was the voice of simba that did me in. all i know is that my favorite movie for a long time was wild america. nothing gets better that devon sawa, scott bairstow, and jtt. there all just so adventurous. what a turn on.

i remember, my sister had a poster of this teenie bopper star in her closet. we went through a phase of kissing it before going to sleep at night. .. i just realized how creepy that was.


my san marcos celebrity crush would have to be taxi. he plays the drums at a bar, j's bistro. he is excellent. its funny to me because hes so not my type; he has shaggy hair, short eyelashes, wears eye liner, usually found in skinny jeans, tatted up (i think), and once again, he plays the drums. hes immature and inappropriate. but thats probably why i love him. they always say; opposites attract. and taxi has something so mysterious about him. i mean, i dont even know his real name..

sometimes i get reallly lucky and see him out. other than at j's. my heart beats fast. i get weak in the knees. and i instantly start sweating. i feel like its me seeing justin timberlake or something. i told him all this once. i was drunk. it should have been embarrassing for me, but i had liquid confidence. oh and he kissed my on the cheek twice that night!!

jimmy swears that i also told him i would have sex with him. i dont remember that. it sounds forward. and it is. it also sounds like i would probably get the herpes or the chlamydia from him seeing as, im pretty sure he has slept with half the population of san marcos. he gets around. and with good reason.

and yes, i stole this picture from his myspace.

mathew mcconaughey.
its not even the amazing body or the perfectly structured face that did me in. that may have a teensie bit to do with why he often winds up on "sexiest man alive" and other list of the sort. but for me its a whole different story.

i cant exactly pin point the reason i love him. its a collaboration of his deep texas accent, his carefree style of life, and his sweet, sweet southern charm.

and he is so easy on the eyes.

prince harry.

i know, everyone is obsessed with prince william of wales but heart belongs to harry. william is too perfect. he seems to have everything together. and to me, thats no fun. and also, there is waaay too much pressure on him. our marriage would be stressful. who doesnt love a prince. and even more, one that has no shame in snorting vodka?! he should be the epitome of class but he definitely has a wild side. call me a home wrecker, but i know im better for harry than chelsy is.

besides, our marriage would come complete with fame, fortune, british accents, dazzling parties, and the best china known to man.

dr. will.

good lord. season 2 and 6 of big brother. i dont know exactly how it happened, but this one hit me like a big, yellow school bus (name that movie). will kirby is one of the cockiest people on earth (i first typed "the cockiest people i know" but i dont know him. thats sad.) and the biggest asshole to ever hit reality tv. and i am in love with him. how typical.

jim halpert.

my current love. its hard to say whether its john krasinski in general, or just jim halpert. i think its jim. i looove him.

i have nothing at all bad to say about him. i mean hes witty, laid back, he is always optimistic, extremely thoughtful (yankee swap.. need i say more), level headed, adventurous, kind, respectful, he doesnt take himself too seriously, cute, and the list goes on. i love the interaction between pam and him too. although i wish i was pam, i just cant hate her. they are perfect for each other and therefore, everyone who watches the office is obsessed with him. or andy. hes a catch too. ha ha. oh and i have to thank kacey for introducing him to me. what a little match maker huh?!

im a huge fan of sex and the city. it may be surprising that chris north didnt make this list, but its because im not a "big" (pardon the pun) fan of his. anyway, back to the point, in one episode he says to carrie,"in the end, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh." this is totally how i feel about jim. pam probably feels this way too. bummer.

edward cullen.

kidding. i tried getting into the twilight series but couldnt get through chapter one. maybe its because im not a big reader (i wish). or maybe its because its about a pale girl moving in with her dad after her parents divorce. she likes to be alone. and she falls in love with a vampire. i dont know .. that just doesnt sound like me. why i even tried to like it is so beyond me.

later, lauren


  1. i agree on pretty much everyone except for taxi. the eyeliner isn't getting it done, laur. but i'm proud of you for branching out. you know, broadening your horizons (and legs).

    and as for me, i'd take either prince. harry or william. or both!

  2. Its definitely Jim...I love him. He is just so swift and Mr. Playitcool...who doesnt love that?!