Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pet peeves

all day today, bri and i were trying to get everyone to talk about their biggest annoyances in life. we were more into this little "game," if you will, than others, but this is what i came up with. just in case yall do care. and im sure you do.

  • when people call that german town, south of san marcos, home of wurstfest, new braunsssfels instead of the correct way, new braunfels. one s. on the same subject, i often hear people use the word perfect where perfectly should be used. that sends shivers up my spine. oh and when people pronounce the l in salmon or the t in often. bri gets aggravated when people say nucular for nuclear. i cant say i notice that one.
  • voicemails. i never check them. dont bother leaving one.
  • imho, toilet paper should roll over the top instead of coming from the bottom of the roll. when it does roll towards the wall then out the bottom, i usually flip it around so that it comes out of the top. rude?
  • okay, this one really gets my blood boiling and i deal with it on a daily basis. biting forks. or any other metal utensil. the sound it horrifyingly. just dont do it! promise? (name that movie)
  • quoting movies. kidding.
  • junk mail. forwarded email and texts. unnecessary snail mail. d) all of the above
  • ewww. i absolutely hate texts from random numbers and then they never tell you who they are. that makes me wonder for days. i know. sounds a little obsessive but im just verrry curious.. p.s. this just happened to me. "he guesses i just didnt like him enough to save his number in my phone. so hes not going to tell me."
  • loud base. ughh it hurts my head, ears, and makes my heart feel like its going to beat right out of my chest. and wow, its so unnecessary.
  • blue tooth headsets. really? you need that tiny devise to talk on the phone at all hours of the day? just hold it so that others are aware you arnt talking to them. or no one at all.
  • table texters!! i also deal with this on a daily basis. but its more like and hourly basis. i haaaaate when you are out to dinner with someone, and they spend the whole time on their freaking phone. annoying. i really dont like obsessive texters in general. sometimes i fall victim to this crime but i hate myself for it too. its just that i want to know what their conversation is about and i get a better idea of it when people just talk out loud, on the phone. or blue tooth headset. at least i get to hear half of the convo. understandable right?
  • "wash me" written on dirty cars. not really, but this really bugs cameron. and now i just think about it when i see it, and its starting to bug me too. youll notice now. its just so obnoxious.
  • bunny ears. grow up. and dont f up my pictures!

thats a lot of things to be annoyed by. maybe im about to start my period?


  1. cool post sheri.
    i miss you too!
    can't wait to see you...over Christmas

    how's work?

  2. ha thanks for the little shout out there. yes, "wash me" irritates the hell out of me. writing on dirty cars in general really. i should write about it....maybe i will.
    oh ps i subbed today. :) the sixth graders love "mr. r." ahahaha that's what some of them would rather call me. seriously. okay, i'll write about it.