Tuesday, October 13, 2009

is timing everything?

ive been talking about it a lot. and its a serious question. i mean, think about it. everything happens at a certain time for certain reasons...or so i believe.

i ride the bus everyday. and every time i get on (besides wanting to shoot myself in the foot) i look around at all the different faces. every ride is filled (to the point of people stepping on your toes, literally) with different people that get on and off that bus that wouldnt be there, on that specific bus, if their timing wasnt exact. maybe this kind of thing is purposely fated? maybe we are supposed to be on that bus with those people for a reason?
and this idea doesnt just pertain to buses. its every aspect of our life and every encounter we have...it wouldnt happen if it wasnt for timing. is this logical or am i just dreaming again?

again with timing, like carrie bradshaw, i wonder: would my life would be completely different if i wasnt perpetually 10 minutes late?

but more specifically, in a relationship, is timing everything?i have friends who think that two people could be perfect for each other but their timing could be all wrong and therefore, their relationship will not work out. i think that there are sensitive periods. like when learning to speak, relationships have to happen in a certain period of time that is good for both people. however, i dont think that two people that were so right for each other wouldnt work out just cause their timing was off. or at least i hope not.

timing is uncontrollable. the thing we can control is how we spend the time we have. so spend it well!


oh and, last year at this time i was...

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