Wednesday, June 17, 2009


well..i have no real plan for my comeback blog entry but, i have a strong impulsive need to fill you all in on a few new things in my life...

- you should know that i am blogging from my brand new laptop computer! its my very first laptop and i could not be happier with it. it came in the mail today, so naturally im back on the blog grind. oh and did i mention its pink?! and the most wonderful hue. it blends perfectly with my bed spread. and omg. wireless internet is SO the new black :)

- my summer days still consist of science camp. remember how lucky you all are when youre laying out and im testing the specific gravity of the mineral sulfur. seriously.

- im sad that real housewives of new jersey is over. i found a real connection with those ladies/broads maybe because of my recent trip to the garden state? maybe because of their voices? their squawky accents warmed my heart. i also took great joy in dina and carolines relationship. i could only hope that my older sister would have my back the way caroline had dinas when they battle that evil, stripping, whore, danielle. you know, "their family is as thick as thieves and they will defend each other to the end!!" the turners have a very similar motto.
now all i have to look forward to is the last supper: directors cut. and the new show, nyc prep, which i am not all that ashamed to admit that i will probably be more than obsessed with. ahh, bravo completes me.

now i know what your thinking, when will we get to see all the pictures from your trip to new england?!?! but dont you fret. the pictures are coming very soon. all i have to do is comprise the album of 328 down to a little less. preferably with quotes of explanation. i know...that would just tickle yall pink. here is a little treat for now..

- so much is changing for so many of my friends. im anxious to see what happens with their lives. i cant totally decide if im actually content with my sameness or if its really my only option so i have to be.

- im reading a new book and loving it. well, kind of new. i tried to read it while i was at home but didnt get too far. so i started something blue over again the other day. and boy am i glad i did.

a few other things i feel inclined to share but have no intent on going into any detail on:
- lauren got in a wreck on our way to school today. i saw the whole thing. it was bad (four cars involved), not her fault, and all people are okay.
- i had dinner with an old friend tonight. it was really nice to catch up. i wish i had roly poly relationships with everyone. (kacey and i call the kind that you share EVERYTHING with even if you just saw a roly poly, you would tell them. its not such a broad, "how was your semester?" type of thing.)
- friends are coming to visit this weekend and im getting pretty excited.
- watermelon thump and my 22nd birthday are right around the corner.
- i hope to do something crafty very soon.

its getting late. and i have to save something for later. happy hump day :)

XO. lauren

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